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October 25th, 2014

Good makeup youtube channels There is a whole subculture on YouTube devoted to beauty tutorials with an increasing amount of subscribers.
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You may remember me following one of her tutorials to come up with my orange smoke Face of the Day .
She is especially good at showing new makeup trends or giving you tips on how to emulate the look of a celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Angelina Jolie .
They have news and tutorials not just about eye makeup but about hair and other aspects of beauty as well.
Youtube make up Gurus have helped me become so much better at how I apply my make up and how everyone can wear the latest make up trends.
Also the make up reviews and swatches make my purchasing make up from the internet so much more confident.
But agree these ladies really help fine tune my makeup techniques and inspire me.
But I have found her watching ones that are completely inappropriate for a 10 year old.
Makeup and hair skills used to be handed down from mother to daughter or from beautician to customer in the decades before the Internet.
YouTube has quickly become the top spot for makeup and hair advice with its countless beauty gurus on hand for all your style and fashion needs.
YouTube guru of all time with almost two million subscribers and over 560 million video views.
Here is our list of the top 10 best makeup and hair YouTube gurus to subscribe to.
Her tutorials are easy to follow and her charming personality makes her a joy to watch.
You also have to realize that not everyone will like you or agree with what you say.
She uses cosmetics to become everyone from Adriana Lima and Nicki Minaj to Michael Jackson and Drake.
The partnership developed after the makeup company saw a review Bankson posted on her YouTube channel.
I just decided to make a video of myself putting on makeup and posted it on the internet.
The hardest step is making that first video and posting it online for the world to see.
Two professional makeup artists take on this Youtube channel with over 400 videos of professional tutorials.
AM Two professional makeup artists take on this Youtube channel with over 400 videos of professional tutorials.

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